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The Mystery of the Haunted House

The Mystery of the Haunted House

Written by: Ruby Yayra Goka

Illustrated by: Elkanah Kwadwo Mpesum

Recommended for ages: 10-12

Number of pages: 90

Book cover type: Soft over

The light from the torch began to grow dim. Koku checked the time. It was almost midnight, he had been reading for almost two hours. He had to sleep now or he would never wake up on time in the morning for his lessons. He switched off his torch and turned unto his side still excited. He was dozing off when he heard a sound and sat up. He couldn't exactly say what it was but heard it. He got out of bed and tiptoed down to the hall. A light glowed dimly from the family room. Was it TV? is parents forbade them from watching late-night movies but occasionally he and Sena disobeyed them and sneaked downstairs anyway.
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