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Booksie makes it super easy for you to find African children’s books.

We have 2 main super powers:

1. A subscription service and online bookshop dedicated to African children's books for 3-12-year-olds

2. An Accra-based Book Club & Childcare Centre dedicated to helping children fall in love with books

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Booksie has made us happy. We have shortened my daughter's screen time because she now prefers books before bedtime instead of a phone. Parents need to hear that.

~ Braunhilda, Ivory Coast

We love Booksie because it's home away from home. There is individualized learning tailored towards your reading and writing skills. It's always fun to meet friends from other schools.

~ Pearl, Ghana

It's an immense pleasure to hear my kids looking forward to reading stories with characters they can easily relate to. The books are high quality and this minimises the risk of kids tearing them up.

~ Kenneth, Copenhagen
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