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Grace the Pandemic Warrior

Grace the Pandemic Warrior

Written by: Dr Mary Ashun

Illustrated by: Creo concepts

Recommended for ages: 3-8

Number of pages: 40

Book cover type: Soft cover

Grace, The Pandemic Warrior” is an African children's story about a little girl and her friends trying to understand the covid-19 pandemic. Grace shares her feelings about the hopelessness, confusion and the lack of understanding that children like her have about what is going on. Her School Counselor, Mr. Asamoah, is a guiding hand throughout the story, building her up with knowledge and the belief that she does have the power to fight the become Grace, The Pandemic Warrior!

From the author, Dr Mary Ashun: “The Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are critical to our development both at home and abroad and as such, educators are key to promulgating its essence in every way possible. As Principal at the Ghana International School, I encourage various activities that are used to highlight the importance of awareness of these goals and I’m pleased to say we are at the forefront of creating awareness when it comes to schools on the African Continent.

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