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An Angel in Mucky Shorts

An Angel in Mucky Shorts

Written by: Elizabeth-Irene Baitie

Illustrated by: Eyedears Indesign

Recommended for ages: 8-12

Number of pages: 64

Book cover type: Soft cover

Things are going from bad to worse in Rabi’s life.

She told her classmates that her tree at home had the sweetest mangoes. And she promised to bring some to school to prove it. But every day someone steals the fruit from the tree! How will her mates ever believe her now? And who is this sneaky mango thief?

Dreadful Auntie Sakwaa has come to live with them and is stinking up Rabi’s house with her green horse medicine.

Her disgusting cousin comes to stay, and he turns her own little brother against her!

Just as Rabi thinks her life couldn’t be more messed up, she meets an angel. And it wasn’t wearing a sparkling white robe.

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