Why I love Ghana. 4 reasons why you should too

Why I love Ghana. 4 reasons why you should too

As Ghana gears up to celebrate its 64th year of independence on 6 March, I have been thinking about what I love and appreciate about my beloved country.

Here are 4 things that I  absolutely love about my motherland Ghana.

Yummy food
Ghanaian cuisine is undeniably one of the best in Africa. Our food is delicious, tasty and comes with loads of health benefits. Take Waakye for example. It is versatile and  can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or supper. It originated from the Northern part of Ghana but is eaten by almost all ethnic groups. Other popular foods enjoyed by many Ghanaians are Banku and Okro Soup, Yam and Palava Sauce and my personal favourite Fufu and Groundnut Soup. We also enjoy foods like Jollof, which is also eaten in other African countries. Due to our country’s location we have the advantage of eating fresh seafood like fish and crab.

Tropical Climate
Ghana has a tropical climate. We basically have two seasons throughout the year; the dry season and the wet season. Our weather conditions are perfect for outdoor activities, business and general productivity. It does get warm occasionally, however those days are great for walking on our beaches and to indulge in some swimming. And even during our rainy seasons we still enjoy a good number of hours of sunshine.

Friendly people
Ghana has developed a reputation for  being one of the friendliest countries in Africa. Ghanaians are always ready to give directions, information and sometimes lend a helping hand to strangers when they are in need. People are sociable and really come together during sporting events and issues of national concern.

Vibrant clothing
Ghanaian are known for our colourful clothes which are made to order with our colourful and vibrant fabrics The world famous Kente which originated from our country is one of our multi-functional fabrics and is  designed and worn for many occasions. We  also accessorize our outfits with beautiful handmade beads and jewelry.

This month, I encourage all Ghanaians to celebrate our nation and be proud of how far we have come as a people.  And if you are not a Ghanaian you can add Ghana to your list of places to visit!

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