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Theodosia Okoh

Theodosia Okoh

Written by: S. Banning-Peprah

Illustrated by: Eugene offei Tettey

Recommended for ages: 9+

Number of pages: 35

Book cover type: Soft cover

When it was advertised in the dailies for the flag to be designed for Ghana, Theodosia Okoh took the opportunity to show her creativity. Her beautiful and thoughtful design replaced the Union Jack which Ghana was using as a flag even after independence. To every colour that is in the flag, she gave a meaning. She was not just an artist but a teacher who thought teaching was a duty to God and thus, did it for the good of all.
In the story about the woman who designed Ghana’s most popular symbol, you will discover that the Ghana flag, like any other piece of art, can have several intriguing
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