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The lion's whisper

The lion's whisper

Written by: Elizabeth-Irene Baitie

Illustrated by: POKA Design Studios

Recommended for ages: 10+

Number of pages: 215

Book cover type:

Leo and David, both fifteen years old, are neighbours who are divided by more than just a wall. When David unexpectedly reaches out to him, Leo hesitantly accepts and David soon becomes a secret brother, helping Leo overcome a paralysing fear from his past.

Leo embarks with David on a mission to root out the answer to a mystery that has tormented David for years. Their friendship is tested beyond the wire as bitterness and betrayal pitch their families, and ultimately the boys themselves, against each other.

Then a bloody military coup rips Leo’s world apart and he has to find courage he never had before and an ally. But after all the years of bitterness, can Leo afford to forgive and trust his family’s enemy?

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