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King of Katunga

King of Katunga

Written by: Jenny Mohan

Illustrated by: Golden Age Media

Recommended for ages: 7-10

Number of pages: 66

Book cover type: Soft cover

The King of Katunga is a moral fable for modern times; a fairytale story told by a grandmother through the eyes of her grandson, Rufus.Rufus, with his childlike innocence, 'picks' a rose for his Grandma Joycelyn without paying for it. Grandma Joycelyn, torn between love and the need to reprimand, invokes her inner grandma magic and draws Rufus into the magical land of Katunga. This is a tale of a kingdom... A king and his dilemma and the ultimate test... Who wins? What happens next? Does Rufus learn his lesson? In the end it is only the virtue of honesty that leads to victory.
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