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Awo the Sleuth and the Case of the Night Knocker

Written by: Jonathan Akai

Illustrated by: Solomon Mingle

Recommended for ages: 6-10

Number of pages: 59

Book cover type: Soft cover

This vacation ten-year-old Awo Boahene is determined to have a great many adventures. She loves mystery adventures while school is out.

But Awo soon learns that there's a mystery adventure coming right to her doorstep - and it's a frightful one!

What is the dreadful PATTING sound that comes from their roof only at night - and why is there a terrible THUMPING at their front door but never anyone there? One thing is for sure - the Boahenes have a spooky visitor that comes in the dead of the night ad Awo intends to solve the mystery of the Night Knocker.

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