Activities that keep children active on holidays

Activities that keep children active on holidays

The school holiday season is upon us and many children are going to be home for the next two to three weeks for Easter break. I know they went back to school not long ago but I thought I’d share some ideas on what they can do instead of watching TV or playing video games all day.

Here are some great activities for kids to do during the holiday:

Read storybooks

Of course this has to be number one :-) You may already know this but storybooks make the perfect companions especially during school breaks. You can make it fun for your children by gamifying the reading experience. Give them rewards for finishing books or keep a reading log that allows them to track the books they read. They can get rewarded after a number of books are finished. It’s also not necessary to have them write reports or essays after reading because then it begins to feel like school.  

You can also enroll your child in a Literacy Centre like Booksie or sign up for children’s library where they will have access to a variety of books.

Booksie will be open during the school Easter break but will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Give them more responsibilities at home

Going to school everyday means that children may have less responsibilities at home. Holidays give parents the chance to teach children life skills such as making their beds, setting the table, organising and washing dishes. Children can learn at their own pace and do not have to be rushed. With this children can take on more responsibilities and be extra helpful at home.

Play sports

When children are at home they do not get the opportunity to be as physically active as they would at school. The holidays present a good time to sign up for a sport that they are particularly interested in. Activities such as football and basketball have proven to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve bones and muscles and reduce risk of obesity in children. Sports also teaches children how to work in teams, plus they get to make new friends.

Play indoor games

Holidays present great opportunities for parents to spend quality time with children. You can play board games, fix puzzles, organise a treasure hunt or play hide-and-seek. Local Ghanaian games such as Oware and Ludo can also be played. Most board games increase brain function and help in strategic thinking and problem solving. Children tend to be more outspoken when playing a game and they become more confident when they win.

Build a hobby

Hobbies help in shaping our personalities and give us an avenue to be creative. Some easy to learn ones that can be learned at home include cooking, baking, beadmaking, knitting, gardening, singing, dancing, drama and more.

Artwork /Colouring or painting

Children love artwork. They enjoy making colourful pieces of art by themselves and are always excited when they are able to make something. Artwork is a sure way to take your child off screens and is very affordable too. Most artwork projects require the same items so it’s good to keep a stock of things like paper, markers, scissors, colour pencils and glue. Youtube is a treasure trove of artwork projects.

Spending time with other family members

Children can also use holidays to spend time with other family members that they may not have seen in a long while. This strengthens family bonds.

It's perfectly okay for kids to have some screen time during vacation, however it shouldn’t be the only thing they do. Without prior planning they will not be able to make full use of the time they have. The listed activities will not only keep them engaged but will also develop their minds, improve their skills and keep them active.

**Booksie’s Holiday Reading Camp is slated for June 28 to August 27, 2021. Click here for more details and to express your interest.

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