Fun family activities for the holiday season

Fun family activities for the holiday season

It has been a good year and we have a lot to be grateful for. As we approach the holiday season many people are looking forward to time off from work while others can't wait for end-of-year parties. In any case, it is important to spend quality time with family and catch up with friends during the holidays.

Here are some fun family activities you can do this holiday season. 

Reading Christmas stories with your children 

Reading to a child is always a good idea. During this season you can read a story about the birth of Jesus or a Ghanaian Christmas classic like “The Harmattan Man” which tells the story of Jeneba, the children of Tanoso and the Christmas party which almost doesn’t happen. Toss in some drinks and finger foods and you are assured that the family will have an amazing time.   

Outdoor games with family and friends 

Games like table tennis, football, and volleyball can be played with family during the festive season. Board games like Chess, Oware, Monopoly, Scrabble, and puzzles will certainly make time spent together more interesting. Click here to buy jigsaw map puzzles.

Try baking cakes and cookies with children 

Christmas is incomplete without lots of food. Chocolate cakes, cookies, fried chips, and brownies are some of the easiest desserts families can try at home.

Attend a Carols Night church service 

Many churches in Ghana organise a Carols service as part of their Christmas festivities. Attend and enjoy some Christmas carols, scripture reading, dance performances, and much more. 

Decorate your home 

This activity is guaranteed to get children excited at home. Decorations can include putting up Christmas lights, decorating a Christmas tree, or making Christmas ornaments using paper. 

Family movie time 

Watching a Christmas movie with family and friends is another way to spend time with them. Luckily, the cinemas have been reopened so you can go with the family to have a great time. 

Take family pictures 

Christmas is about making memories that last a lifetime.  Family members can take pictures in matching or coordinated outfits. No need to go to the photo studio. A photo session can be arranged at home with a smartphone or a professional photographer can be hired. 

Give back to the community or less privileged 

Many churches undertake some charity projects during this period and make donations to orphanages or the less privileged. Families and friends can join such initiatives by volunteering their time and giving items. This can be an opportunity for parents to show how important giving is.

Organise Christmas dinner/party

Plan a Christmas party and invite your loved ones to celebrate the end of the year with you. Christmas gatherings are one way to spend time with friends that you haven't interacted with in a long while. 

Irrespective of your Christmas plans with your family we encourage everyone to stay safe. Put on masks when you go out, wash your hands frequently and avoid crowded places.

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