Best places to visit in Ghana this month

Best places to visit in Ghana this month

March is Ghana month meaning we get to celebrate all things Ghanaian!  It is also a great time to explore this lovely country and see all its beautiful sites.

Today, let's take a look at places you can explore in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in Ghana and is located in the Central Region. It consists of a beautiful rainforest, hundreds of endangered animal species, and the famous canopy walkway.  The canopy walkway is made up of 7 bridges that allow tourists to get an up-close viewing of plants and animals.  It has a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and a children’s park.

Historical Castles

Ghana has a number of forts and castles that serve as historical museums. The most popular ones are the Cape Coast Castle and the Elmina Castle, both of which can be found in the Central Region. These castles acted as depositories for enslaved Africans who were brought from various parts of the West African Kingdoms. In recent years, hundreds of African Americans have visited these castles to find out more about their heritage. The castles are a great place to learn more about the experiences of enslaved Africans.

Wli Waterfalls 

Another place worth visiting is Wli Waterfalls, the largest waterfall in West Africa. It is located in HoHoe in the Volta Region. Apart from the beautiful waterfall, it is home to over 200 bird species and 400 butterfly species. This place is great for people who enjoy the outdoors and love water. Activities include hiking, swimming, and bird watching. Wli is open all year round. 

Aburi Botanical Gardens 

Located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Aburi Gardens is definitely one of the places to visit in Ghana. The amazing landscape is home to numerous species of trees and plants. The Botanical garden is a great place for intimate family gatherings and picnics with friends. It is also a good spot for relaxation and escaping the tussles of Accra.


Ghana is blessed with a coastline that stretches to 4 of its regions. Parts of these coastlines have been turned into beautiful beaches for relaxation and enjoyment. Here are some of the most visited beaches in the regions:

  • Greater Accra - La Pleasure Beach and Kokrobite Beach Resort 
  • Central Region - Anomabo Beach Resort. It is said to have one of the cleanest sands in Ghana
  • Volta Region: Aborigines Beach Resort in Keta
  • Western Region: Ankobra and Busua Beach Resorts 

Irrespective of the beach you choose, you are guaranteed an excellent view of the sea and a relaxing atmosphere.  

Mole National Park

For the ultimate safari experience in Ghana, Mole National Park is the place to go. Mole Park is located within the savannah tourism destination area and is home to several species of mammals and birds. The Park is also said to have a unique breed of elephants that are not popular in other African countries. Tourists can have their safari experience on foot where they are able to see animals up close. Each trip to the park is accompanied by an armed ranger.

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