'Red Spectacles' Knows
Nii Kpani Addy

GHS 20.00

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Dusty and Motion live at the sprawling and stuffy Marlin Hall, a place that most students will do anything to get out of, even if only for a couple of hours. When Zeina, the sister of their best friend, goes missing after signing up to a mysterious trip with several other girls, the brothers are compelled to act to save the day. With an enigmatic stranger, known only as Red Spectacles, seeming to be the only link to the missing teenager, the brothers and their friend will have to use all their skills and wits to solve the riddle before it’s too late. Working on clues from coded messages and using Dusty’s lip-reading ability and Motion’s hastily acquired and thoroughly illegal driving skills, the three young men find themselves caught up in an adventure they hadn’t bargained for.

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