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Bill Marshall

GHS 17

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The wind of change had been blowing across the earth's surface for centuries before someone made headlines with the phrase. This wind had been affecting nations, peoples, their attitudes and their ways of thinking; sometimes for the worse, and sometimes , for the better. Perhaps, one might justifiably say that this explains why the human race tends to be caught with its pants down in the matter of development; sometimes very positive, but all too often, far too negative. In every city, there is one area which remains definitely and stubbornly averse to change or development. One of such are in the municipality of Accra is Jamestown, with Bukom as its centre- the epitome of the black neighborhood of the old order. Meet Atta Kojo, who is satisfied to have won the gold tiepin for “twenty-five years of loyal service” to a European trading firm, and his family. At his age, he has not done badly at all. He would be completely satisfied with a modern toilet in his home, but the city Council says he needs a permit to “undertake construction works”.....

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