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Colours of the rainbow / Rangi za upinde wa mvua

Colours of the rainbow / Rangi za upinde wa mvua

Written by: Ubongo

Illustrated by: Ubongo

Recommended for ages: 0-7

Number of pages: 22

Book cover type: Soft cover

Learn about the beautiful colours of the rainbow from Akili and friends.

Have fun when learning with books of Akili and Me, in both English and Kiswahili! Read the books to your children to help them learn to read. Enjoy more activities with more learning!


Jifunze kuhusu rangi nzuri za upinde wa mvua kutoka kwa Akili na marafiki zake.

Furahia kujifunza kwa kupitia vitabu vya Akili and Me, kwa Kiswahili na Kiingereza. Msomee mwanao umsaidie kujifunza kusoma. Faidika na mazoezi ya kufurahisha na ujifunze zaidi.

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