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Africa's Little Queens and Kings (Set of 7 books)

Written by: by Louisa Olafuyi, Oladele Olafuyi, Sokhna NDIAYE & Ayo Oyeku

Illustrated by: Isabelle Irabor, Tiolu Yoloye and Francis Ufere

Recommended for ages: 4-9

Number of pages: 32

Book cover type: Soft Cover

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Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool: Meet Queen Yaa, the adventurous queen of the Ashanti kingdom. It’s her job to protect the Golden Stool, so when she overhears a plan to steal it, she knows just what to do.

Queen Moremi Makes a Promise: Meet Queen Moremi, the courageous leader of the Ilé-Ifẹ̀ Kingdom. It is Queen Moremi's birthday, a grand occasion, and her best friend, Esi is always by her side. Until one present threatens to come between the two friends: a mysterious gift which reveals something extraordinary.

Queen Kitami Makes Friends: Meet Queen Kitami, the playful queen of Mpororo. She’s face with having to make new friends, which hasn’t been easy, but she has a plan!

Queen Amina and the Zazzau games: Queen Amina is planning the biggest event of the year, The Zazzau Games. However, some people have been left out of this exciting sporting event, which seems unfair - but don’t worry, Queen Amina has a plan! Enjoy this fun story introducing you to a brave and bold advocate

Mansa Musa Builds a School: Meet Mansa Musa, the loved leader or the Mali Empire. He wants to help people but doesn’t know how. That’s until a fruit seller gives him a bright idea.

Shaka Zulu Learns to Dance: Meet Shaka Zulu, the strong and brave leader of the Zulu Empire. He’s a great king, but when it comes to dancing he still has lots to learn, and the Zulu disco is days away.

King Alboury Cooks the Best Jollof: Meet King Alboury, the kind leader of the Jollof Kingdom. He loves to cook his famous Jollof rice and is preparing a big feast. However, his troublesome neighbours, the Chuchu people, are plotting against the Jollof Kingdom - but don't worry, King Alboury has a plan.

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